WCMCI Fire Safety incorporated in 2015...

Service Model & Experience

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WCMCI Fire Safety understands the need to provide home and rental property owners in Ottawa fire & life safety products, services and training at an affordable cost. Although, commercially trained and qualified WCMCI Fire Safety's goal is to be the exclusive in-home service provider for all needs related to Smoke, Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Fire Extinguishers.

The “service model” mimics the commercial fire alarm model and WCMCI's Technician is CFAA certified with 10 years residential experience caring for clients in the Central, Eastern, and Ottawa regions of Ontario.



WCMCI Fire Safety checks all Smoke, CO alarms and Fire Extinguishers and issues a detailed Inspection Report outlining the type, description, model, and test results for each fire & life safety device in your home.


WCMCI Fire Safety will use UL/ULC approved test products, clean each device, recycle batteries and expired Smoke & CO Alarms so they are not going into the Ottawa landfill. WCMCI Fire Safety guarantees satisfaction with the level of care you will receive.


Whether you need testing, maintenance, installation, replacement or fire extinguisher training WCMCI Fire Safety can assist. Contact us for more information or to arrange an in-home visit today.