Fire Extinguisher Training

Can Civilians Use Fire Extinguishers?

Although some in Fire Services believe “Civilians cannot safely use fire extinguishers”, others believe untrained individuals are more likely to hurt themselves or make the situation worse.

“William D. Hicks and his team from the Department of Fire Protection Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and the Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology Program at Eastern Kentucky University studied whether or not ordinary people with no previous training (novice users) could safely use portable fire extinguishers effectively. “

“The results clearly demonstrated that most novices handle fire extinguishers correctly and are able to pull the pin and discharge the agent. Equally important, 75% were able to safely extinguish a simulated fire with an extinguisher prop on Class A II setting. The study also confirmed that with only minimal training, 98% of volunteers were able to safely extinguish a fire.”

Simulated Training

WCMCI Fire & Safety provides simulator Fire Extinguisher training to novices who otherwise would not receive any. Typically, the before and after results are genuinely remarkable confirming Hicks and his team`s research.

Before being trained WCMCI Fire & Safety witnessed firsthand trainees fumbling and failing. With minimal instruction participants become more confident and proficient. The training is guaranteed to help alleviate fears we can experience with using a simple ABC fire extinguisher.

What You Will Learn

Participants are thought basic fire theory, type of fires, fire extinguisher classes and ratings as well as fight or flight. Each participant gets an opportunity to practice PULL, AIM, SQUEEZE and SWEEP. Trainees learn fire extinguisher sizing and fire extinguisher maintenance. Our goal is to help you to join the 98 percent trained group while gaining valuable experience on BullsEye™ Training Simulator.

Bullex Fire Extinguiher Training Simulator
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Bullex Fire Extinguiher Training Simulator

How the BullsEx™ System Functions

Realistic Fire Growth

Fire growth is based on fire research data provided by nationally recognized labs. Once the fire is started it will grow and extend. The system can also be controlled manually throughout the evolution with the remote.

Hose Line Detection

The system includes a waterproof panel that features thermal sensors. These sensors detect the application of water or other extinguishing agents and vary the digital flames in response. The system features sound effects that react dynamically to the trainee’s actions for a true-to-life experience.

Fire Extension

Training consists of a control panel, and a 5lb ABC fire extinguisher that weighs and sounds like an actual fire extinguisher. You practice the PASS technique as you attempt to extinguish a simulated fire on the console.


The system can be set up or packed-up in less than five minutes and can be easily transported to multiple training locations.

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