Smoke Alarm Tester

The formula simulates the entire range of fire conditions giving you the confidence of knowing your smoke alarm will respond promptly when needed

How does SmokeCheck™ work?

Works on photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms and tests operation of the smoke sensors, the alarm and power 

UL /ULC approved for testing smoke alarms

Does not have HFC or CFC and will not damage the Ozone layer or contribute to Global Warming


Carbon Monoxide(CO) Tester

100% all Natural and Non-Flammable. It contains material found in the air we breathe. It is safe, effective and it works!

How a Carbon Monoxide Detector works?

When CO concentrations begin to rise and reach a set/predefined level, the alarm will sound, warning of a dangerous condition in the area. CO becomes dangerous in higher concentrations.

COCheck™ is Environmentally Friendly and does not have HFC or CFC therefore this product does not damage the Ozone layer and does not contribute to Global Warming. 

SmokeCheck™ COCheck™

are used exclusively by WCMCI Fire Safety for testing

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