WCMCI Fire Safety's CFAA certified fire alarm technician uses UL/ULC approved products to test residential Smoke & CO alarms. The test button is used to confirm if devices are powered and the horn is working properly. WCMCI Fire Safety conducts a sound level check and replaces all alarm batteries. Fire Extinguisher inspections are included. Call for a free in-home inspection today!
WCMCI Fire Safety trainer uses the BullsEye™ Fire Extinguisher training system to help your family practice fighting Class A, B and C type fires. The system knows if you are using the correct type of extinguisher, or aiming and sweeping correctly, and if you are at correct distance from the fire. The system can also be used to practice extinguishing a fire during a mock fire drill.  
WCMCI Fire Safety offers the First Alert® Wireless Interconnect® system which,  integrates smoke and CO alarms into a fully functioning independent network. Up to 18 devices can be interconnected. When one alarm sounds they all sound!
Decibels levels greater than 85 dba are easily obtained throughout your entire home. The First Alert® Wireless Interconnect® system is a valuable life saving upgrade and does not require an electrician or a building permit to be installed.
A simple test to determine if you would benefit from a First Alert® Wireless Interconnect® is to have a friend or family member press and hold the test button on a battery operated device at the further point from where you sleep. Try the test with the doors open and then closed. WCMCI Fire Safety conducts a sound level check as part of their annual inspection. Call at your convenience  to arrange a free consultation!

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Whether you need testing, maintenance, installation, replacement or fire extinguisher training WCMCI Fire Safety can help you. Contact us for more information or to arrange an free in-home consultation today.